Simple Ways To Teach Children about Independence Day

1082 day ago

By now, your children may associate the 4th of July with parades, fireworks, barbecue, and lots of fun. Most children will focus most of their attention on parties rather than the true meaning of the 4th of July. They will do this because most people may not know the true Read more...


Self-Control And Your Children

1243 day ago

Developing self-control takes a lifetime and it starts at birth and it continues until a person grows into an adult. In fact, it’s an essential life skill that allows one to achieve long-term success. Children can easily instil self-control through guidance from parents & caregivers and by interacting with others. Read more...


Several Ways to Make Studying More Fun For Your Children

1278 day ago

Despite knowing basic ways to help your children focus on studying – such as making a clear plan, finding a study area that is free from distraction, eating healthy, sleeping well, and so on – there may be times when they want something different. Just like adults, they may require Read more...


Does Your Child Have An Active Lifestyle ?

1292 day ago

We all know that having an active lifestyle should be one of the things we should prioritize. This will keep everyone in the family healthy. However, staying healthy and physically active can be difficult at times. This is especially true with children since it gets more challenging once they go Read more...


­­­ Some Fun Facts You Should Know About Halloween

1330 day ago

Some people believe that Halloween is the spookiest night every year. It is supposed to be the time when spirits can freely wander the Earth. Others think it is a chance for children to meet new people and wander the neighbourhood unattended for trick-or-treating. While a lot of people look Read more...


How You Can Make Family Ties Stronger With Your Teen And Bond

1341 day ago

It is essential to stay connected with your teenagers as they go through their changes as they become their own person. This will establish a healthy and open relationship with your growing sons and daughters. In fact, doing so is actually easier than you may think since it only takes Read more...

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How You Can Avoid Alcohol Problems With Your Teens

1355 day ago

Binge drinking, especially among teenagers whose brains are still undergoing development, can increase the risk of severe injuries and even death. Alcohol is the cause of death for 4,500 young adults yearly. Around 200,000 patients are sent to the emergency room due to alcohol-related injuries. Alcohol affects the developing brain Read more...


Here Are Ways To Prevent Depression In Your Children

1376 day ago

There are some occasions when we feel down and sad– these may be the times when things don’t go our way. We lose someone close to us, or we get hurt. Just like us, children also experience down turns. This is why letting your little ones know how to handle Read more...


Teaching Your Children Some Mindfulness

1390 day ago

According to research, mindfulness is beneficial for children’s brains and it helps improve their behavior. They will also acquire longer attention spans and enjoy better mental health. Mindfulness will also help your family in handling stress. This is why some schools are providing mindfulness programs for the little ones. Schools Read more...