Teaching Your Children Some Mindfulness

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According to research, mindfulness is beneficial for children’s brains and it helps improve their behavior. They will also acquire longer attention spans and enjoy better mental health. Mindfulness will also help your family in handling stress. This is why some schools are providing mindfulness programs for the little ones. Schools that teach mindfulness skills are known to have students with less discipline problems.

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Today, the world is so fast-paced that we easily miss the things that are going on around us. Most of us are too engaged in different things to notice what’s happening around us. Some of us are distracted by things that happened yesterday, while others are worried about what will happen tomorrow, making them unaware of the present.
Just like adults, children can also get distracted. If not addressed, this problem can lead to certain difficulties such as mismanaging emotions and difficult behavior. This is why mindfulness must be taught while they are young. This is all about becoming fully aware of what’s currently happening around you.
Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to teach children to be more mindful. Here are a couple of effective ways to teach your children to be mindful:

Children's Yoga

Draw an Everyday Object to Help Learn Concentration
Give your children an ordinary object that they can see daily such as a rock or a leaf. Let them spend some time observing this object. This will help them focus by concentrating on a specific object.

Looking at the item more closely will give them a new perspective. After this, tell your little ones to draw it and talk about their experience. Remind them that this is not an art contest, and let them know that this activity is for them to learn how to focus and pay attention to things.

Deep Breathing Exercises

Engage in Yoga To Help Focus the Mind
Practice Yoga together at home and include this in your daily routine. Just like other activities that promote mindfulness, yoga will also help your children learn other life skills.
Yoga is an excellent way for children to enhance their awareness of the connection between their mind and body. Child-friendly yoga poses can help your little ones be more mindful. You can also enroll your child in a yoga class or search for yoga videos online.

Smell and Tell What They Smell And Sense
Give your little ones something fragrant, such as sweet-smelling flowers or a piece of fresh orange peel. Ask them to close their eyes and breathe in the scent of these objects. Encourage them to concentrate and only pay attention to the scent of the object. This is also an extremely helpful exercise to relieve anxiety.

Smelling Fragrant Flowers

Paying Attention and Counting Breaths
They can start off by counting one when they inhale, then two when they exhale. When they get distracted and their minds start wandering, urge them to return to counting. This should teach them to be more aware of their breathing and how they feel when they are mindful and paying attention.

Paying attention to breathing is not only a way to relax, but it can also a good way to develop mindfulness. Encourage your little ones to close their eyes, breathe deeply, and count their breaths.

Happy Jumping Children

Heartbeat Exercise
Have your children jump up and down for a minute. When this is done, let them take their seats and place their hands on their hearts. Tell them to close their eyes and focus on what they feel. Ask them about their heartbeats, their breath, as well as other things they noticed about their bodies after jumping. This will not only be mindful, but they will also discover new things about themselves.

Outdoor Play & Fun

Encourage Outdoor Play
The best thing about playing outdoors is that it’s not only fun, but it is also highly beneficial especially for children who are still undergoing development. In fact, this can also help your little ones enhance their mindfulness. Encourage your children to go out and play will help them be more mindful and aware of their surroundings.

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