Simple Ways To Teach Children about Independence Day

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By now, your children may associate the 4th of July with parades, fireworks, barbecue, and lots of fun. Most children will focus most of their attention on parties rather than the true meaning of the 4th of July. They will do this because most people may not know the true meaning and the history behind it.


Independence Day has always been an essential part of America’s rich history that continues to have an impact on our world today. So this year, why not hold discussions about this holiday with your little ones? Here are some fun ways to do it.



Do your little ones know why we celebrate our country’s independence? They have learned this in school, but it’s still important help them understand and remind them that we celebrate our nation’s birthday and its freedom on this day.












Let  Children Read Books or Watch Movies about American History

Books and movies are some of the most entertaining ways to learn about history. If your little ones love books or if you want them to learn how to love reading, visit a library and borrow some books about the Revolutionary War.

Let them read about the Declaration of Independence, the establishment of the Constitution, and other historical books that let them know about this part of history. If they enjoy watching movies, you can also browse online and check out the best films to watch on the 4th of July. Through reading and watching movies, you can teach your children how the country has been shaped throughout history and today.


Let them Honour our Country’s Soldiers


Independence Day is the perfect time to find ways to honour and show gratitude to our soldiers who continue to fight for our country. Encourage your children to help give thanks to these brave troops by sending care packages, writing Thank You letters and cards, or placing flags.







Let them Know What it Means to be An American


Tell your children that the country is like a family; everyone has to contribute or things won’t work. Since we are citizens of the United States, we all have our own responsibilities. As young citizens, it’s their duty to go to school and obey the laws.

When they grow up, they have to exercise their rights and participate by voting during elections. They should also take care of the country by keeping their surroundings clean, looking out for people in need, and being aware of the problems that we face. Our heroes fought to gain the country’s independence, so we must do our responsibilities in return.


Take Your Family and Visit a Historical Site or maybe a Museum


Since it’s a holiday, you can go out and explore your state or town. Visit some historical sites associated to Independence Day; and while doing so, you can talk about what happened in these places so your little ones will understand how the country gained its independence. If there aren’t local historical sites in your area, look for the nearest vacation destinations you can visit. Going to historical museums is also a great way to celebrate Independence Day with your children.






Discuss the Meaning behind Patriotic Symbols


The first patriotic symbol that children usually learn about is the American flag. Do they know the meaning of each symbol on the flag? Tell them about the representation of each colour, the stripes, as well as the stars.

Depending on their age, some of them may be reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in school. Before sporting events begin, they would also hear the country’s national anthem, the Star-Spangled Banner. If they are familiar with this, ask them if they know Francis Scott Key; if not, let them know why he wrote the song and what the lyrics are all about. While giving your children a better background on America’s history, you also get to spend bonding and quality time with them.









Before feasting on barbecue and setting off fireworks, take some time to teach your children about Independence Day. Knowing the reason behind the declared holiday makes your celebration more meaningful. Also, this will help your little ones understand the privileges that come with the freedom which we are all enjoying today.


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