The Worst Gifts to Give your Children

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Searching for the best gifts to give your children can be a fun yet challenging task, but when you start thinking about the safety of your children, you will need to put in extra effort to find the best and safest gifts for your little ones. Generally, you would aim for toys since children love them but did you know that a large number of children’s toys are being pulled off the market and taken from shelves every year because they are physically dangerous or chemically toxic for the little ones?

toy gun

If you were planning to give your little one a gift for their birthday or to reward them for doing good at school, it would be best to start being mindful of the things that you might get for them as gifts. To help you out, here are some of the worst gift items that you can give your children:

Aside from toys, there are also some items that can be psychologically toxic for children: an example of this would be a shirt released by J.C. Penney in 2011 that had a sexist message on it. If you think about it, choosing a gift for your child may seem like a tricky task but generally speaking, it is something easy and doable; however, if you just randomly choose a gift for them without really thinking and selecting wisely, it could have a negative effect on your child in the future.


Tablets or iPhones for your Toddlers Not Good

A lot of children today are quick and some know technology. If your one year old already seems to have an idea how to use your smartphone or iPad, it does not mean that he or she needs one too.

We cannot deny that creative play and activities are important for a toddler’s emotional and intellectual growth. If they already have easy access to technology and digital entertainment at such an early age, their growth could easily get blocked or suppressed by this. To avoid this, the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that toddlers below age two should have no screen time during this period. This can be a little impractical since there are a lot of educational things that your little ones can watch on Tablets etc. Your children can occasionally watch television and play with your digital devices but giving them their own is definitely not a good idea since it would decrease their time for creative play and imagination which is really what they need.

kid playing tablet


Extremely Large Items may Not be a Good Idea

Your little ones may expect another ‘big’ gift the next time and may tend to get disappointed if you give them something smaller in the future.


You should also keep in mind that a lot of these types of toys do not usually promote an active lifestyle and would require constant supervision; if you plan to send them outside to play, you will need to be there too; to watch that they do not get into an accident.

Who does not want to get surprised and have that ‘wow’ factor when receiving gifts? Surely everyone wants that especially children who will get extremely excited when they receive a gift that is concealed in a really huge box. However, really huge gifts such as cardboard doll houses or motorized toy cars are basically the first things that are put away especially when these take too much space in the living room and even in the garage. Remember, your child is not a prince who needs a really huge motorized toy SUV that will literally take up all the space in your home. These can really be fun but after some minutes, you will need to recharge these toys if your children want to use them again and this can be a little tedious especially when you are busy.



Sweets in Moderation

Sweets are definitely good treats and anyone who receives these will surely have a smile on their faces. When your children receive sweets for gifts, they will literally eat these immediately and end up refusing to have a proper meal after; so basically; sweets are really not the best gifts to give your children because they will receive many sweets during the holidays.





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