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Promote Wellness with Original Copter or Rocket Copter Toy and Other Family Activities

2718 day ago

In this day and age people have become extremely concerned about the idea of wellness and are continuously thinking of ways to promote this; but whether you’re out walking your dog, eating dinner, or hosting a fun family party, or spending time launching the Rocket Copter Toy or the Original Copter toy; no matter what activity; just spending quality time builds healthy kids and families.


To promote wellness and make things more fun for everyone, here are some creative activities that the whole family can do:

Do Some Volunteer Work Around your neighborhood

Let your family choose a group to do some volunteer work for within the neighborhood or city and go as a family; clean up a beach or the streets in the community. You can also help build a house or serve food at a shelter for the homeless and even plant trees around the area; there are endless possibilities for you to help your community; and this activity also connects your family with the community that you live in. It will also help you bond as a family. Moreover, this activity will also give you a sense of pride and accomplishment while also teaching your kids critical thinking and life skills. As a reward you might give then some Rocket Copter or Original Copter Toys to play with.

Have Cooking Sessions with the Kids

Do this at least once a week Instead of buying dinner for the family on your way home or just popping some frozen meal into the oven or microwave; take some time to gather the whole family to help whip up a delicious meal for dinner. Doing this at least once a week will be one great way to promote wellness; plus, you will get to spend some quality time with the whole family. Another good thing about this is that you will most likely prepare a healthier meal compared to buying take out. Let your children set the table or wash the dishes so they can contribute somehow. They will feel better about themselves.

Fun Park Exploration

Print or list down all of the parks that are available in your city and try to visit as many as you can. Ask your children what they would like to have most in a park? Search for the parks that offer the best jungle gyms or a quiet and relaxing spot that is great for reading, or find out which one of those parks are great for a barbeque or playing outdoor games. Once you’ve found the best parks in town, mark your favorites so you can visit them again.

During your next visit to a park, try going there at night so you can play with the Rocket Copter Toy from Whistlecopter toys and also the LED Skateboards that have 10 different light setting and the Whistlecopter bubble gun toys that also light up play music and have 4 led lights in them. One light even in the mouth of the Nemo Dory fish bubble guns so the bubbles come out blue. Get to enjoy the Whistlecopter that has a patent with its fun flashing LED lights while they whistle on the way up and enjoy the the fireworks in the sky that they produce. They just float down so you can catch the Rocket Copter Toy on the way down and launch it again and again. You can even change batteries in your Rocket Copter Toy so it can be used over and over again and which shine so bright at night that everyone within a quarter mile will come over thinking its fireworks; that will surely be a whole lot of fun while spending some quality time bonding with the family.

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