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Some Holiday Treats Safety Tips

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Only a few days are left before Christmas and there will be a lot of meals and parties over the holidays. As you prepare everyone’s favorite holiday dishes and treats, excitement will be in the air and food safety will probably not be the first thing you would think about. Did you know that carrying food from one place to another also causes the growth of bacteria which may lead to food-borne illnesses? Food is an important part of every celebration and you can reduce the risk of many types of illnesses related to food bacteria to keep you and your guest’s safe over the holidays.


Here are some basic holiday treats’ safety tips that you can follow:



  • Create a Master Plan for Cooking


Chefs always have a master plan and so should you; check everything in your kitchen – your refrigerator, oven, freezer, workspace, and your ingredients. Make sure you can keep hot food hot and cold food cold. If you will be using coolers, be sure that you have a stock of clean ice and frequently check if these have melted so you can change it when needed. Do not put food without a container or not covered in the ice cooler.



  • Do Not Consume Raw Eggs


Raw eggs are usually mixed in cookie dough, batter, and frosting, but remember that raw eggs may contain salmonella bacteria so do not allow anyone, especially the children, to eat unbaked cookie dough( a habit we all did ), batter, or frosting that include raw eggs. Also, make sure that your pastries are baked thoroughly; you can check this by inserting a thin skewer or a toothpick and this should come out clean with no streaks of batter. For recipes that include raw eggs such as Caesar dressing, eggnog, hollandaise sauce, and tiramisu, always use pasteurized eggs to avoid salmonella.


  • Keep Food at the Right Temperature


Always keep hot meals heated while cold ones cold by making use of crock pots, chafing dishes, and ice trays. Hot items should be at 140˚F and above, while cold food should be at 40 ˚F and below. For leftovers, reheat these to 165˚F and a thermometer will come in handy to make sure that the food has been reheated enough to kill any form of bacteria present.


  • Using Separate Utensils


When preparing raw roasts and cooked roasts, use separate plates, chopping boards, and utensils to prevent cross-contamination. Do this as well when cutting ready-to-eat items like vegetables and bread.







  • Always Wash Your Hands


Washing your hands is one of the simplest ways to minimize bacteria and to keep food safe, so make sure that all of your guests also wash their hands before they handle food. The children will have so much fun when they play with the Whistlecopter toys and they may forget to wash their hands so remind them to do so before they begin eating your masterpiece dishes. Urge your guests to also wash their hands thoroughly so everyone can have a safe and enjoyable dinner during the celebration.


Anyone can get food poisoning after consuming food that has been contaminated with various germs, bacteria, parasites, and viruses, as well as toxic substances like molds and contaminants. You may not see the symptoms of food poisoning right away since the delay may range from hours to days, depending on what you have consumed. Always make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly – before, during, and even after preparing food.




  • Keep Guests Out of the Kitchen


The cold and flu season usually occur during the holidays since it is cold, and around half of all people have staph aureus bacteria on their fingertips. During this season when there will be a lot of gatherings, bacteria will spread more easily so prevent food from being picked up while it is being prepared. Serve simple appetizers for guests to have something to nibble on while waiting for the main course to be ready.


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