Here are Simple Ways to Keep your Family Safe Online

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Considering all the different toys and applications that are available in today’s online environment, a lot of children often disregard the most important security measures when online.
In this day and age, almost every child knows how to work their way around the World Wide Web; their web-savvy skills and knowledge on advanced technology and gadgets can get a little overwhelming for a lot of parents, especially when it comes to the number of novelties and trends that your little ones are familiar with. Of course, you cannot help but be proud of him or her, considering that their knowledge about things has broadened; however, aside from being proud, you are also most likely very concerned about their internet security.

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Almost every day, web experts come up with fun and interesting apps for everyone, as well as other fun and exciting things such as new games, social networks, and various online tools that make everyone’s online experience easier, faster, and better. However, as these applications continue to get popular, cyber crooks begin to exploit these apps to create more money the wrong way; this only means that despite an individual’s expertise when it comes to the internet or technology, cyber crooks may still manage to victimize web users and these could be you, your children, or other family members.
As a parent, it is necessary that you establish a safe and protected online experience for your children and the whole family, but this can be quite a challenging task; here are some things that may help, you will need to keep all your relatives updated about the many online dangers that can affect everyone without them even knowing. Hackers are the biggest enemy of anyone who goes online, and stopping these attackers can be extremely daunting to a lot of parents; but remember, all your efforts in keeping your family safe is vital when it comes to securing the privacy of your family on the web. This is important for those who may have poor online judgment which mostly applies to your children and may even apply to your older relatives.


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To help you achieve your goals in establishing proper online safety, here are a few pertinent guidelines that you and your family may want to follow.

Password Security for the Family
One of the most common online threats today is when you leave any private social media account exposed to hackers; one of the best ways to protect your family from these unscrupulous people is by making secure passwords that are almost impossible and inaccessible to crack. Avoid using such things like your mobile phone number or your date of birth or part of your name when creating your password and instead, create ones that have a combination of lower and upper case letters. You can also add a few numbers and symbols to the password but try to avoid using the same one for more than one social media account; this way, if a hacker is able to access one of your accounts, they will not be able to get into the others that you have.

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Secure your Wi-Fi Connection
Aside from protecting your social media accounts, you should also ensure that your Wi-Fi connection is secure to prevent intruders from using your bandwidth or worse, jeopardizing the security of your internet by infecting your computer with dangerous malware. To do this, you will also need to ensure that your Wi-Fi connection is secured: make use of a strong password for the router then allow wireless encryption to disable others from finding your network, also restricting access to this.

Avoid Phishing Scams (Don’t Click)
One of the most common ways people infect others with malware is by actually falling for various phishing scams. If they ever receive a strange email coming from an unknown source, it is best to not click on it or download any of these attachments; furthermore, it is also best to inform them that links included in such emails are also not to be trusted. This is an important subject to discuss with your family; talk to them about how they are towards suspicious behavior online and what they do when they notice this. This also goes for unknown websites. If your little one wants to purchase any cool Whistlecopter toy, it is best to purchase from the official Whistlecopter website itself or from legitimate sellers. Some websites that claim to be sellers of the Whistlecopter include a lot of these unknown links and these only lead visitors to phishing scams. One of the best ways to prevent this is by encouraging your family to visit legitimate and official websites, as well as to make use of a different email address for social media accounts or for shopping activities. Also use a different email for business, banking, or personal purposes and remember to make use of different passwords for each of these email accounts.
We know that on most social media sites, we tend to expose our personal details for everyone to see, but you must be aware of the fact that these could get misused. Always remember to educate your family, especially your children on how to adjust their privacy settings on social media, plus also teach them how to be aware of suspicious behaviour online. Be frank and explain to your children why they should not reveal addresses, phone numbers, as well as other personal details to strangers so you can increase their awareness of the numerous dangers that are connected to communicating with strangers.

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