Some Fun and Interesting Facts about Fall

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While fall is a lovely and enjoyable time of the year you can make it more fun for you and your children if you learn some amazing things about the season.
Fall is just around the corner and you will have to pull out your sweaters from your drawers and closets to head out and enjoy the weather while watching the leaves turn into beautiful shades of orange, yellow, and red. Here are some interesting facts about fall that you can share with your children:

⦁ Fall starts once the sun’s centre crosses the equator of Earth. As the planet continues its orbit around the sun, the days start becoming shorter while the nights become longer. This change is highly noticeable for those areas located at higher latitudes.

Autumn Leaves

⦁ While “autumn” is the word commonly used by the British, “fall” is the term that Americans use more often, even though both words have been used since the 16th century. Before this period, the word “⦁ harvest” was used to refer to this season.

During the season, leaves react to less light and colder temperatures by changing their colours to red, orange, and yellow. This is caused by the stopping of the production of chlorophyll, a process that provides green pigment in plants during photosynthesis which only occurs under sunlight.

⦁ Most meteorologists identify autumn as a season that lasts from September until November in the Northern Hemisphere. Countries in the Northern Hemisphere include those in the continents of Central America, North America, and Europe, two-thirds of Africa, the Caribbean, and majority of Mainland Asia.

⦁ A lot of people experience weight gain during the season but it may not necessarily be due to the countless comforting fall treats that are available such as cider and pumpkin pie. Studies show that the lack of vitamin D decreases fat breakdown, thus, causes more fat storage.

Pumpkin Pie

⦁ In Greek mythology, autumn begins when Persephone returns to Hades. This breaks the heart of Demeter, the goddess of harvest and Persephone’s mother, who allows all the crops on Earth to die until Persephone returns in spring.

During fall, a lot of birds also prepare for winter migration and in fact, they can travel an impressive distance. An ⦁ Arctic Tern’s annual migration has a distance of 44,000 miles each way.
⦁ For every season, there are various interesting facts about animals. For example, the black-capped chickadee’s hippocampus — the part of the brain that controls emotions and memory — enlarges by around 30%. This allows them to remember where they buried the seeds they have collected during the previous seasons.

⦁ Cedars, pines and other evergreen trees keep their colour even during fall because their leaves (needles) are wax-coated and these also contain materials that prevent freezing during the cold.

Black-capped chickadee

One of our favourite Holidays, Halloween, also takes place in autumn. Halloween comes from an ancient Celtic tradition where people wore disguises to hide from ghosts and spirits that roamed during the season. Another fun fact about Halloween is the colours that are often associated to Halloween is ― black and orange ― which reminds us that Halloween is a festival about life and death. Black symbolizes darkness while orange stands for endurance and strength.

⦁ Among the superstitious beliefs during fall is that catching leaves brings good fortune and that each leaf caught means a lucky month next year. Why not go outdoors now and catch twelve leaves to have a whole year of good luck? Some also believe that catching autumn leaves will free you from colds during winter while others believe that keeping all the acquired leaves are necessary until new green buds start growing during spring.

Nemo Dorry Bubble Gun

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⦁ There are several holidays during this season and these include Labour Day, Autumn Equinox, Grandparents’ Day, Columbus’ Day, Patriots Day, Halloween, Remembrance Day, Veteran’s Day, and Thanksgiving. Holidays are ⦁ great times to spend with the family . T­­­his is also important since most of our days are spent in school and at work; so take the chance and visit new places, try out new things, or simply spend a fun day together by playing with the cool Whistlecopter toys. Try out Whistlecopter’s Star War Light Saber Swords which you can use as props as you pretend to be characters from the popular movie Star Wars.

glowing swords

Now that you have learned some fun autumn facts, you can share something new with your children and they will definitely be amazed to know these things. After talking about autumn, you can have fun outdoors and play with the coolest Whistlecopter toys to enjoy the beauty of the season.

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