Several Ways to Instill Gratitude in Children

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Based on research, gratitude plays a huge role in one’s well-being and success. Teaching our children to practice saying “thank you” can be easy; however, this is entirely different compared to instilling a sense of gratitude in them since this is a lifestyle and a mindset. A lot of parents today are worried about their children being ungrateful, but fortunately, you can help you children foster the attitude of being grateful; grateful for just being alive for having the gift of breath.

Gratitude, just like every other good value, starts right in your home. Here’s some ways to instill this in your children:

Be Grateful Yourself and also Model Gratitude

Children want to be like their parents so they try to imitate what their parents say and more importantly what they do. As a parent, you will need to be the one to provide a good example for them on what to say and what to do and act in certain situations.

Some ways you can model gratitude is by expressing this through words, writing, showing acts of reciprocity, and giving small gifts to loved ones and even strangers. By doing this, you can express that you are grateful for all the good things in life while showing your children that being thankful is a value that a lot of people will appreciate.

You can also teach them gratitude by helping them appreciate what they receive from other people as well as the most important gift the gift of life this breath; without which you will have nothing. Let them know the personal value and benefits of these to help them think gratefully.
Let Them Help and Contribute if They Want Something

If your children have an allowance or earn money at a job and they want to purchase something, do not buy this item right away for them. Instead, let them take the time to save at least half of the amount of money needed to purchase the item. Let them work a little; when they work hard for what they want to have, they will also understand the value of money. Aside from this, allowing them to work for something they want gives them a perspective on what you, as well as other people, do for them.
Let your Children Help Others and Strengthen Relationships

Helping others and being generous are two secrets of raising grateful children. For instance, when children use their strengths to lend a hand, they feel a stronger connection to those they help which leads to forming and strengthening friendships as well as social relationships. A great way to do this is by showing them that prioritizing relationships is important since other people matter too. Also, encourage them to thank others regularly, be thoughtful of others, and be helpful and generous.

Practice saying “No”

Some children often ask their parents to buy toys, games, candies, and more. Granting all of their wishes will just make it hard for them to be thankful for the little things since they know that they’ll always get what they want. Instead of giving them everything, practice saying “no” so that saying “yes” once in a while will be sweeter for them and they will surely be thankful for these times and they will surely treasure the gifts you might buy for them much more than just getting whatever they ask for right away.

Encourage Acts of Giving of Their Time

There is this old yet famous saying “It’s better to give than to receive”; when helping someone in need, it feels really great and children will never know this unless they experience it. Your children might do a lot of things to show acts of giving, such as raking leaves for an elderly neighbor or volunteering at a nursing home for a few hours weekly. They may go to a shelter and help passing out food etc. with you. As children spend their time and energy helping others, they will most likely treasure things like their family, health, and home, and will not take these for granted.

Insist on Polite and Respectful Behavior At All Times

Teaching children to treat other people with respect and dignity will most likely make them admire the ways these people treat each other as well. At the same time, they will also be less likely take help and kindness for granted, valuing this trait instead. As parents, it is crucial for you to model respect for others so that your children can understand its importance. Often at times, we put more emphasis on giving respect to high-profile people and forget to give the same treatment to others; children need to know the importance of respecting everyone so you will have to model this to them as their parents.
Spend As Much Time with Your Children As You Can

Another way to show love to your children is by allotting some of your time for them. Children, no matter how old they are, like being with their parents and if you give them a lot of quality time; this equates to teaching them the language of love. Cherish every moment together without any distractions so that all of you will be mindful as you spend time together. This will help you maintain your empathy toward your children which is an important emotion to develop gratitude.

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