How to Prevent your Teens’ Use of Drugs and Alcohol

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A lot of factors contribute to teen’s use of alcohol and drugs, and one of these is their family environment. According to research, emotional or physical abuse, mental health disorders, or adults’ drug abuse at home are most likely the reasons why a child would try taking drugs. This is why prevention is vital when it comes to these matters and the very first step is to lead your children down the right path. This starts with having open communication about the use of certain substances and the dangers of using them.

Communication is Key

Substance abuse usually starts during adolescence and young adulthood. According to NIDA or the National Institute on Drug Abuse, most senior high school students have tried alcohol. Half of them have tried an illegal drug and smoked a cigarette, while a few of them have used a prescription drug for non-medical purposes.


However, there have been reports during the last decade that children of ages 11 to 12 have already tried taking drugs. Teenagers are often drawn to new experiences and have no fears of taking risks. Unfortunately, a lot of adolescents tend to engage in substance abuse and expose themselves to potential health conditions.

Regulate and Keep Track Social Media Use


Here’s how you can prevent your teens’ use of alcohol and drugs:









Avoiding Media that Glorify Substance Abuse

Unfortunately, there are TV shows, movies, video games, and music that show substance abuse in a positive light. Even if you limit their exposure to these influences, they are all unavoidable. What you can do is talk to your children about the messages that the media conveys, and remind them not to follow or believe everything that they see.This way, you are helping them understand that drugs aren’t harmless and fun unlike how the media may portray them.
Be Aware and Connect





Be Aware and be Involved

See to it that you’re involved in your children and teens’ daily lives. Ask about their hobbies, peers, and how their school days are going. Listen to them when they talk to you, and be supportive & attentive. Gaining their trust is easier this way since they’ll see that someone is eager to know about what they share. This also makes it easier to talk about sensitive topics that need to be discussed. Also, monitor their online life because this might result in clues if there is something wrong.



Communicate and Give them the Right Message

Your children should be comfortable when it comes to sharing things with you, including sensitive topics such as drug and alcohol use. This begins when you openly communicate with them about this and let them know where you stand. Be aware that ignoring and avoiding these matters is not the way to prevent it. In fact, children and teens see their parents and other authorities as models of the behaviour that they should practice.


Our youth’s often have wrong perceptions when it comes to drug and alcohol use. When armed with knowledge, parents can effectively prevent further problems regarding the use of these substances. After letting your children and teens know about drugs, alcohol, and its dangers, remind them that you expect that they follow your rules.



Monitor Their Activities




Keep Track of After-School Activities

Usually, the activities after-school and during the weekend are the times when teens get into trouble. This is why it’s important to keep them involved and engaged in enjoyable activities that will make them busy and productive. If they are not interested in school, sports, music, art, and other basic activities, try volunteer opportunities.


Volunteering or part-time jobs help your young ones be more responsible because they will be interacting with other adults. This also gives them the chance to learn new skills and possibly find new interests. Some families search for opportunities for parents and teens to volunteer together so that they also spend time together, which strengthens their relationship.
Family Quality Time





Allow Quality Time for the Family

Although making the time may be a bit challenging, ensure that your family eats dinner together as often as possible. Eventually, it will be a habit that everyone will enjoy. Take turns on who chooses the menu and if possible, make time so everyone can help in preparing the meals and in cleaning up. This way, you can enjoy each other’s company while talking about each other’s day. It will help you know what’s going on in your children’s lives.

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