How to Alleviate Anxiety in Your Children

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In both children and teens, symptoms of anxiety are very common. Usually, they worry about school-related issues including fitting in the community, friends, teachers, academics, and even being away from parents. Anxiety in children is one of the biggest challenges that parents face. Since you cannot really eliminate this easily, you can at least help your children manage this feeling.

Here are ways for you to help alleviate anxiety in children:

Enjoying the Treat

Look at the Basics
Most children who are hungry or tired will not be able to cope well. This often happens to anxious children when they lack sleep or forget to eat. Always remember to feed your children nutritious meals and snacks. Create a schedule for routines to make things as predictable as possible.

Encourage them to Face Their Fears
When we are afraid of something, we tend to avoid dealing with the particular situation. So instead of overcoming the situation the fears persist. When children face their fears, they learn that their anxiety naturally reduces overtime. This is due to a system in our bodies that allows one to relax. A person cannot stay anxious for a long period of time. When you are in an anxiety-provoking situation, worries often decrease within twenty to forty minutes.

The Worry Box

Allow them to Worry
As we all know, simply telling your children to stop worrying will not make them easily ignore or get rid of the worry. However, it will be helpful if you allow your children to worry openly to let out stress. Remember to limit this to prevent them from getting too worried over every single thing.

One thing you can do is to allot about ten to fifteen minutes for a daily ritual called “worry time”. Within the time limit, encourage your children to write down all of their worries on a piece of paper before dropping these in a “worry box”. During the activity, allow them to bring out their worries — no rules apply and all of their concerns are valid. When the time limit ends, close the box and tell them to say goodbye to today’s concerns.

Scared Child

Focus on the Positives instead of Only the Negative
Most of the time, anxious and stressed people get lost in self-criticism and negative thoughts. This usually happens to children, making them focus more on the negative situation instead of looking on the brighter side of the situation. They often worry about future events instead of focusing on the here and now. To help them further, focus on your children’s positive attributes as well as the good things in every situation; this will remind them to be optimistic at all times.

Be a Role Model for Your Child
Self-care and positive thinking – these are not only things that you should teach your children, but also you, as a parent, must practice. Children will always imitate what their parents do. So if you take care of yourself and look at the positive side in every situation, your children will learn that these are important and they will instil this attitude in their daily lives. Children learn from watching their parents, so if you are concerned about your children’s psychological well-being, think about your own as well.

Thumb's Up!

Give Them Food that Can Help Alleviate Anxiety
The food you consume greatly affects the operation of your nervous system as well as how relaxed or stressed you feel throughout the day. Food that contains high sugar such as refined grains, affect your blood sugar levels negatively, thus resulting in more stress. On the other hand, natural food such as nuts, vegetables, and healthy sources of protein often provide a calmer and more stable energy. Aside from having a healthier diet, it is also best to eat anti-anxiety food that are excellent in reducing stress levels; additionally, these also relaxe the mind and body.

Make Time for Relaxing Activities
Unfortunately, fun activities such as sports can be more of a competition instead of something to enjoy which is why children usually end up getting stressed and anxious after sports. Always remember that having time to relax is one of the vital things that children also need, so ensure that your little ones have a daily schedule for playing games, with a toy, or sports that do not involve any competition; make this a time for them to completely enjoy what they’re doing.

Mother and Daughter

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