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Fortunately, there are ways for you to positively discipline your children without really having to resort to punishment. This way, you can help your little ones realize that they are capable of doing the right thing.

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The idea of discipline is different for each person. For some, it can be synonymous to punishment while others think it is setting things right, or correcting one’s mistakes. However, everyone should learn that discipline is another form of teaching; and with that, your little ones should learn from you instead of developing fears.


Here are some tips on practicing positive discipline:
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Treat the Root Cause of the Problem

If you see one of your children hitting their siblings, don’t punish them for doing the negative action. Instead, find out why they are doing this. One possible reason is jealousy. If it seems like they are seeking more attention in an unhealthy manner, they might be asking for more time with you. When you know the root cause of the issue, it will be easier to solve the problem because this will stop them from doing their bad habits. No matter what the reason is, it’s best to zoom out and take a look at the bigger picture.

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Treat Mistakes as Learning Opportunities

When you use their unwanted behaviour as a learning opportunity, don’t just let them know that what they did was wrong; instead, teach them the alternate behaviour. This way, you are correcting them while also teaching the right approach to mistakes which they could use once they are on their own.
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Be Kind yet Firm With Your Children

When your children do something that they think is right and justified be kind yet firm. While it can be frustrating when they insist on their wrong behaviour, parents have to be patient and empathetic. Instead of arguing back, stay calm and correct them verbally in a kind yet firm manner. If your little ones hit someone, explain that what they’re doing isn’t good; plus, let them know that they also shouldn’t do this to anyone.

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Give them a Voice

Even if children are not in an argument, they usually feel the need to be heard. In fact, it is healthy for them to be able to voice out their thoughts, especially if they think that something is unfair. Allot 15 to 20 minutes every week for you and your little ones to sit down and talk. This is a great time for them to speak out if they think that something needs to be addressed, or if they have any issues. As a parent, listen to what they have to say without arguing. This opportunity lets everyone in the family know that they’re in a safe place to share their concerns.

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Offer Options when Possible

Offering your little ones choices is just like allowing them to voice out their thoughts and feelings. Doing so gives them a sense of control, and it is another common technique for positive discipline that a lot of experts recommend. This way, you won’t imply that your child was bad unlike when he or she gets punished. An example is when your children do something wrong; let them be aware of their mistakes, tell them to apologize, then ask if they want to continue playing with their friend or read a book until they calm down. Letting them make simple choices like this allows them to think carefully before they act. When giving them choices, always think wisely since you will have to honor it once your child makes his or her final decision.
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Prioritize Quality Time

Having a regular screen-free quality time with your children gives them a sense of belonging and significance. Devote 15 minutes for bedtime stories with your toddler, or go out with your tween at least once a week to enjoy quality time together. Experts say that a child’s behaviour is a reflection of his or her self-confidence and self-worth. Confident children who know that they are loved and accepted do not have any reason to disobey their parents.







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