Some Patriotic Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day as a Family

0 day ago

This time, why not consider celebrating Memorial Day by remembering what this holiday is all about? Here are some great ways to celebrate Memorial Day in patriotic ways: Memorial Day is just a Week away and this means that summer is about to start. During this time, family and friends Read more...


Emotionally Reconnecting with your Child after a Bad Day

7 day ago

After a rough day, it’s totally understandable that your children might upset you especially if the way they act towards you is hurtful. Although this may be the case, your relationship with your children is still very important. It is necessary that you reconnect with them instead of focusing on your Read more...

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Celebrating the Holiday Cinco de Mayo

10 day ago

and the French. In Mexican celebrations, you would see large parades where people are dressed up as French or Mexican soldiers; plus, a lot of vendors are also present, selling traditional Mexican food, traditional clothing, as well as accessories for people to wear during the occasion. Sometimes, there are also Read more...


Some Points to Raising Happier Children

34 day ago

All we want is the best for our children – to grow up giving and receiving love, following their dreams, and fulfilling their achievements. Basically, we just want our little ones to be happy as they grow, but how much can we even attempt to control this? Promoting a happy Read more...


How Best to Avoid Alcohol Problems in Teens

49 day ago

Research has shown that 60% of eighteen-year-old teenagers have taken alcohol at least once and one out of ten of these adolescents binge drink. In fact, around 1.4 million have reported binge drinking for at least five times a month. Raising adolescents is one of the most fulfilling experiences you Read more...


Some Fun Facts about Easter

56 day ago

Every year, people around the globe gather to celebrate Easter. For those of us who pay more attention to religious holidays, Easter is a highly significant day since it is the time to remember the resurrection of their savior. It does not matter how you do it since all cultures Read more...


Different Easter Traditions around the Globe

61 day ago

Different Easter Traditions around the Globe Easter is almost upon us and it feels like 2018 is just breezing through, didn’t we just celebrate Christmas a few months back? With just a few weeks until Easter Sunday, our little ones are obviously excited about this and reminding us that Easter Read more...


Some Daylight Saving Time Tips for Bedtime

73 day ago

Are you ready for daylight saving time? Here are some helpful tips to make shifting your children’s sleeping schedules a smooth process. If you take a look at your calendar, some of you would be surprised when you realize that daylight saving time is just around the corner; in fact, Read more...


Protect Your Child from Cyber Bullying

83 day ago

It is a difficult task to protect your child from cyber bullying if you do not understand this problem. That is why you must have knowledge regarding cyber bullying. Your children will then be comfortable in approaching you first if faced with this issue. As a concerned parent, you must Read more...


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