Some Fun and Interesting Facts about Toys

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Who doesn’t love toys? Certainly not many children! Toys are generally made for children and it allows them to have more fun when playing; and surprisingly, even adults love playing with some toys. If you check online or even in toy stores, there is a wide range of items available for everyone. In fact, toys are essential for every child’s development and learning since these help children build their character, gain knowledge on cause and effect, hone their skills, as well as strengthen their relationships with people. It is also a great way for a family to bond.

Building blocks, dolls, toy cars, and puzzles are some of the items that allow children to express their interests as well as their creativity; this is why parents spend a lot of money to purchase these for their children. When purchasing toys; always consider these vital aspects: your child’s age, their likes, dislikes, interests, and skills so that they will enjoy playing with the toys that you buy.

Checking online stores which allows a quick and convenient comparison of the toys since you can easily compare the quality, price, as well as the application. If you’re planning to buy toys online, check out Whistlecopter – a brand that sells a wide range of amazing toys that your children will definitely enjoy playing with. They have a Patent on their Whistlecopter Toy which whistles on the way up. This is the best led copter in the world and has no comparison. That is why they have a Patent. There is no other led copter that has a Patent.
If you are a fan of toys, here are some fun facts about these that will entertain you and your children:

“Toy” is a word that is derived from an Old English word that means “tool”.

The popular doll that is known as Barbie has a real name – Barbara Millicent Roberts.

It was reported in the year 1999 that the National Security Agency or the NSA once banned Furbies from its headquarters which was located in Maryland; they feared that the toys would hear classified conversations and would eventually spill these secrets. Furbies were advertised in commercials as toys that learn English all the time and the people believed that the toys had an internal recording device.

Yo-yos are the second oldest toys in the world next to stone dolls. These were used in Ancient Greece in the year 500 BC and were used in the Philippines as a weapon during the 16th century.

Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States of America, joined a bear-hunting expedition in Mississippi; however, he refused to kill a wounded bear cub and this made him come up with the idea of creating the Teddy Bear.

The game called Monopoly was created by Charles Barrow, a jobless man during the Great Depression. A world record of the longest monopoly game happened in 1983; this lasted for 1,080 hours.
The highly popular Rubik’s Cube has only one correct choice out of forty-three quintillion combinations. All over the world, 300 million original cubes have been sold since its invention, and if all of the cubes were collected and set in a row, the length of this will be enough to connect the North Pole and the South Pole.
After sharing these fun facts with your children, why not bond together and have fun with the whole family by playing with toys. You may stay indoors and play with puzzles or dolls, or go outdoors to get active. If you are searching for great toys for your children, Whistlecopter offers a lot of amazing yet durable items that everyone will definitely enjoy.

You can purchase the amazing Arrow Copter, the Bubble Gun, the Glow Copters, the Light Up Copter, the Rocket Copter, and the best-selling Original Copter. Go outdoors and play with these toys in the evening to see the shining LED lights as the toys fly in the sky. Since the toys look like fireworks and UFO’s, everyone will enjoy them and be amazed by the LED light’s beauty and brightness. The Whistlecopter is the best light copter and has a patent and it does whistle on the way up!

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