Problems of Having Too Many Toys

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It is understandable that you want to make your children happy by giving them anything they wish to have, but did you know that having too many toys can also bring several disadvantages to your children?

When we were younger, we used to treasure each toy we received from occasions such as our birthdays and Christmas ; but today, since toys are cheaper, easier to purchase, and are basically everywhere, children can easily get their hands on them without waiting for any occasion. This is one of the reasons why most children today have too many toys.


One of the disadvantages of having an excessive number of toys is the possibility that they will not completely understand the value of their possessions as well as other things in their surroundings. Along with this, they also tend to be less excited about occasions where people give gifts to each other. This usually leads to them looking for better and more expensive items every time, and once they reach the age of sixteen, they may ask their parents to buy them a car or something more expensive. Listed below are some other disadvantages of having too many toys:
Too Many Toys Might Preven Children from Appreciating Ordinary and Simple Things
When playing with various household items such as balls of yarn, boxes, empty bottles, and kitchen utensils, children develop their creative potential. Unlike toys, these simple objects encourage them to use their imagination; if they have too many toys, they will not be able to explore and discover the fun and enjoyment that they can get from playing with non-toy items and simple toys.



It doesn’t allow them to see the significance of things
If your children are given a ton of toys, they will not be able to develop a deep attachment to them, causing them to disregard the value of all of these toys.
Giving your children a few toys allows them to develop an attachment to these items since they are aware that their toys are limited; this makes them give more time and care to the few toys they have and appreciate them more.

Children can become Spoiled
Giving your children a lot of toys is one of the ways to spoil your children; plus, this can also lead them to expect special treatment at all times. For instance, if you give them ten presents for the holidays, they will also expect this on every occasion and they could get upset if they receive less than this. So instead of giving your children a lot of toys, set limits to allow them to understand the idea of “enough”; this will also help them appreciate and be satisfied with the little things that will come to them in life.

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Sensory overload can be Caused by Too many Toys
Older children can also experience sensory overload by having an excessive amount of toys; when they arrive home, they are faced with a lot of items to play with so instead of relaxing after a long day, they end up being unable to focus on one toy or activity.
Whether it’s a stroll in the park or a trip to the mall, every single thing that children see is something new and interesting to them; also, if there are more new things, it means having a new set of things for their brains to process. This also applies to toys since these are also information that children have to absorb so having too many will be tiring for your children’s minds.

A lot of toys can shorten a child’s attention span

A lot of parents think that purchasing toys that cost a fortune is the best way to show their love, however, this is not true. A lot of children simply want to have more time with their parents and just go for a walk, play, do enjoyable activities, and discover new things. In fact, the things that do not cost anything are the ones that children need and cherish the most; so if you are looking for some cool toys to give for your children, the Whistlecopter toys are among those that your children will enjoy the most.
They are not only affordable but also durable and most importantly, these great toys will keep your children entertained while they exercise using them. You can also choose from a wide variety of Whistlecopter items such as the Rocket Copter, the Glow Copter, and the Bubblegun as well as their Star Wars Light Saber and led skateboard and last their wonderful Fyrflyz Spinning Light Show that looks like the Whistlecopter but on a string.


We usually assume that children would get bored if they only have one or a few toys with them; if you think that giving your children a lot of toys would keep them occupied, it will actually bore them easily since your children will have less time to explore and focus on one toy at a time. Give them a few items at a time so they can examine these carefully instead of jumping from one toy to the next.

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