Keeping Your Children Safe in Cars

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Safety First
Whether you travel with your children or not, the most vital thing to do before going on a road trip is to ensure the installation of proper car seats. Aside from this, you must also see to it that the seats you purchase are comfortable. This will really help especially if you plan to travel often. Well-cushioned seats provide additional comfort compared to low costing seats which are thinly padded. Additionally, you must also provide a seat belt for each of your children since buckling two children with just one belt can cause injuries and is illegal.

When your child was an infant, he or she may have been sleeping a lot when they were in the car while you were driving. Once he or she gets a bit older, everything will be different. As babies reach the age of two, they acquire a greater amount of energy from you and they become very curious about their surroundings. Unfortunately, their curiosity never stops even if you strap them into the car and they may be restless especially when they get bored. However, if you plan enough before traveling, road trips with your little ones can be an extremely fun experience. Fortunately, the secret to a safe and successful road trip with children is simple; before traveling, take the time to read and understand these easy yet effective tips to keep your children safe while in the car.

Make Frequent Stopovers To release Energy
Just like adults, children need to walk and stretch to release their pent-up energy during a road trip; if not, they may get bored which may cause them to distract you by doing various things such as opening the car doors and pressing things that may cause accidents.
This is the reason why it is necessary to take small breaks; additionally, you can make stopovers more fun by playing with the Whistlecopter toys. When going on a road trip, bring the LED Copter, Bubble Gun, Alien Rocket Copter, and the Original Copter with you then stop by at a park to play with these. If your child is over 5 you may also try the led light up skate board with 10 led settings.

Remember that children need to expend a lot of energy to be healthy and run around a lot every day but when they are strapped in a car, their active time is reduced and they will need to release the energy that has accumulated while being seated in the car.
Give Your Children the Appropriate Seats
When in a car, there are several legal requirements for children: for those under the age of four, they should not be allowed to sit in the front seat. If a child is between four and seven years of age they need to use the front seat, he or she is required to use an approved booster seat and his or her seatbelts must be properly adjusted and secured. As much as possible, let your children sit in the back seat since these are the safest for them until they are above the age of 12.
Look Before You Leave Your Car
If your vehicle has rear-facing seats or if it is an SUV with a third row it may be difficult to see your child. Get out of the car and look through the windows so you can properly see if ever a child is left in the car.
Children often fall asleep in the car and they can also remain silent throughout the time you are traveling and because of this, some parents may end up totally forgetting that their children are in the car. According to statistics, around forty-one children have died in 2010 due to hypothermia, and in 2013, there were about forty-four children who have died due to heatstroke. Before leaving, check the car to be sure that no one is left in the vehicle; do not check from the driver’s seat since it will be difficult to see the back portion of the car.
Keep Them Interested
We cannot deny that children are curious by nature and this is why they need to be entertained and kept busy especially during a road trip to prevent them from touching everything in the car which may cause accidents. Be sure to have toys that your children can easily play with while they are seated, so they can pick any toy they want to play with. This is necessary especially for long road trips since it will prevent your child from making any disruptions while you drive.

A great toy that you can bring for your children is the Fidget Spinner from Whistlecopter which is a great form of entertainment that also helps prevent one from being restless. When spun once, it can rotate for up to two hundred times plus it features three buttons that have LED lights which illuminate when you push any of the 3 light buttons. The Fidget Spinner comes in two kinds; one has three modes of light settings and 9 led lights with 32 light combinations, while the other has one mode. The one with one mode starts immediately when rotated and is great for younger children. Whistlecopter’s Led Fidget Spinner is available in a variety of colors including black, white, red, green, blue, and yellow and they come with built-in Lithium batteries which are replaceable in some styles and non-replaceable in others.

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