Helping Children and Following Directions – Why it’s Difficult and What Should you Do

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Ensuring that your children understand the message you’re trying to send is one of the important steps to minimize problems in their behaviour. However, there are times when following directions might be a challenge for children. There are a lot of reasons for this.

Focusing on Each Other

Children who have learning and attention issues can have a difficult time following directions. These challenges keep them from properly doing what they’re told, so they tend to ignore the instructions they’re given. Though sometimes, it can be the parent’s way of communicating with their children that is the issue.


Giving directions is just like basic communication – it requires undivided attention from both parties and instructions must also be given the right way. Here are some helpful ways to make your children follow directions:

Tying Shoelaces




Ask for their Attention

The worst time to give instructions to your children is when they are not focused on you since this would lead to failure not only for them, but also for you. Before you give them directions, ask them to look, listen and pay attention. Understanding non-verbal aspects of language is a challenge for children too, so instead of asking them to look you in the eye, just ask them to look towards you, and to make things easier for them you might move to their line of sight.



Visual Cues that Help




Use Visual Cues

Children who experience difficulties in processing language can have a hard time following directions. One way to deal with this is to use visual cues as you instruct them. When telling them to clean something, point at what they need to clean. You can also demonstrate how you want them to do something so they can watch you before they begin doing anything. An example of this is showing them how you place the dishes and utensils when you ask them to set the table.


Use Less Words and Be Precise

Children tend to hear a lot when adults talk to them. When giving instructions, only say what needs to be said so they can properly follow your directions. Also, use statements instead of questions, unless you’re giving them a choice. For example, instead of saying “Can you put on your shoes”? just say “Wear your shoes”. Let them know that not everything in life comes with a choice.

Patience is Key




Give them Time to Process Information

After giving instructions, don’t expect your little ones to get this right away. Give them the time to process and understand what you said. This is a better way to train children to listen to instructions since they will learn how to pay attention once you give them instructions. Also, this teaches them not to expect others to repeat their instructions.

Modern Distractions

Using this “wait time” is also a way to check if they really understood your instructions. Before they do something, you can ask your children to explain the instructions given in their own words.  This allows them to ask you questions too, if they have any. Through this, you can clarify what you’ve said in case they misunderstood something.



Speak Calmly and be Patient



Minimize Distractions

When diverting your children’s attention to you and your words, make sure that there are no distractions before you tell them to do something. Encourage them to listen to you without doing other things since it may cause them to miss out some of the things you are telling them.

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Of course, it’s also necessary to model the right behaviour: don’t use your phone or do other things while instructing them or whenever they talk to you. This lets them know that what you’re saying is important, and it will also make them feel that their thoughts matter to you.





Speak in a Quiet and Calm Manner

When you need to get something done, it can be challenging to not speak louder while instructing your children. Instead of raising your voice, capture their attention with a softer tone, then give them directions in a calmer manner. This makes focusing on you easier since they don’t have to worry about the tone and volume of your voice.







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